Friday 17 January, 2020

AMEC was awarded by General Administration of Customs, P.R. CHINA (GACC) as an AEO advanced certified enterprise on the eve of the coming year of 2020.  This is the top class of its kind in all business entities in China.


China’s Customs accredits the enterprises as certified enterprise, general-credit enterprise and discredited enterprise. Certified enterprises are further classified into advanced certified enterprise (AEO Qualifier) and general certified enterprise. Advanced certified ones are mutually recognized by the Customs of many countries and organizations, such as EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore and many others. When one AEO Qualifier is involved in import and export activities, both customs concerned will render the most simplified and flexible procedures to the buyer and the seller.

Furthermore, Chinese AEO Qualifier is enjoying more joint incentives including “ Declaration Green Lane”, “Less Inspection”, “Priority Treatment”, “Simplified paperwork” and much more.  A lot of comprehensive preferred policies are on the way to be disclosed very soon.

There are very few companies in China who are honored as AEO Qualifiers, only around 3000 numbers in total 1.5 million Chinese firms.

Taking this opportunity of AEO qualification, AMEC is going to continuously provide our premium products as well as better service for our valued customers around the world.