.Power Machinery
Diesel engine, petrol engine, kersoline engine, duel fuel engine, NPG engine
.Tractor & tiller
Tractor, power tiller, trailer, and relative implement
.Auto Parts
Alternator, starter, turbo, lamp, mirror, gear and gearbox
.Rail Transit Parts
Locomotives & wagons parts
.Generating Unit
Diesel genset, Petrol genset, Canopy genset, standby genset, welding genset
.Garden Machinery
Water pump set, sprinkler, and water hose

.Power Transmission
Chain, sprocket, gear, shaft, gearbox, pulley, taper bush, sleeve, bearing and pillow block, taper lock
.Complete Plant
Stone crushing, aerated concrete brick/slab, foam wallboard, color pavement brick, color tile, auxiliary machinery, asphalt concrete
.OEM Component
Ferrous and nonferrous casting, forging, stamping and machining workpiece and component
.Steel Products
Color Coated Plate, Printing Plate, Color Aluminum Plate
.Motor & Blower
Low-voltage squirrel-cage motor, air-con motor, DC motor, stepping motor, servo motor, blower

.Electronic Scale
Bench scale, floor scale, pallet scale, crane scale, truck scale